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About Us
Unfortunately, accidents happen. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

Starting out as Smiths Panels by Ray Smith located in peninsula of Melbourne, the business always strove to provide the highest standard of vehicle body repairs, believing that is was possible to repair an accident damaged vehicle to factory standards. Some 25 Years of quality work specialising in vehicle product and many satisfied customers. As Ray retired this coincided with a name change for the company to Chelsea Accident Repair Centre.

As Management and staff increased it was important to keep the old values of the business striving.

The Smash Repairer Insurers Trust

Meet Our Panel Beaters in Melbourne

At Chelsea Accident Repair, our story is all about how we can help you. Our panel beaters in Melbourne have adopted policies that make your life easier when it comes to car body repair:

  • A pick up/drop off valet service
  • VACC approved crash repairs
  • Additional car washing service

We will repair your car from start to finish without issue or delay. Contact us today to find out more about our superior services.

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    Replacement car Available
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    30+ years of experience
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    Vacc Approved
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    Lifetime warranty on all repairs
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    We can pick up & drop off at the local areas
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Accident Repairs with a Lifetime Parts Warranty